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The Fox 40® EPIK™ has an integrated black over-molded Cushioned Mouth Grip (CMG®). Integrated grip ribs along the top surface of the whistle provides an additional holding option. It has an ergonomically designed shape to fit your hand better.

Easy to blow, optimized performance. Flawless, consistent and reliable sound will be heard up to a mile away!

Design: 3-chamber pealess + CMG
Sound Power: 115 dB


Fox 40 ClassicFox 40 has become synonymous with innovating and producing the best quality, most trusted whistles in the world. After the invention of the original Classic for referees, Fox 40 soon discovered that their whistles were being used by police, fire and rescue professionals around the world. We now have a wide range of Fox 40 whistles, the preferred choice for rescue workers, lifeguards, school crossing guards, boaters and for individual safety use.

The complete line of Fox 40 products has since grown substantially across all sport and safety markets. Fox 40 has continued to innovate and revolutionize the industry with their product offerings, which now include Whistles, Whistle Attachments, Fox 40 Gear, SmartCoach Pro Coaching Boards, Mouthguards and Outdoor+Marine products.   Read More...